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's now waiting at a beijing hospital for a possible move to the united states. the deal was reached after days of tense negotiations between the u.s. and chinese officials. today, we look at how the two major powers negotiated a diplomatic mine field. >> reporter: a blind man escapes house arrest in shandong province and the crisis meetings begin. civil rights activist chen guangcheng slipped past his guards on april 22nd. four days later, he sought sanctuary at the u.s. embassy in beijing. chen had campaigned against forced abortions under china's one child policy. he complained of illegal detention, beatings and persecution of his family. his internet protest couldn't have come at a worse time for chinese authorities. just days before, they had talks with washington. but u.s. officials were equally keen to avoid a diplomatic confrontation. they need cooperation from china on hostile economic and strategic issues, not least in tackling nuclear programs of north korea and iran. on may 2nd, u.s. officials announced they had worked out a deal with the chinese government. chen was transferre
in the 1980s. it then carried out nuclear tests in 2006 and 2009 when talks with the united states stalled. it is believed to have used plutonium on those occasions, but experts suspect that after 2002 the north has moved on to nuclear development using enriched uranium. and the international community is looking on forcing the north to abandon this program. >> the united states is obviously in the minds of north korean leaders. now how do you think north korea, now saying it is a nuclear power, affect the situation on the korean peninsula? >> well, it's obvious that the north wanted to cement the fact that it has now joined the nuclear club and send a strong message to the united states that it can now negotiate on an equal footing. recently a north korean foreign ministry spokesperson suggested that currently the north has no plans for performing a nuclear test. this shows the north koreans are in dialogues and talks with the united states, but with a presidential election only five months away, the obama administration cannot afford to devote himself to the north's nuclear issue. and it
>>> in china, in japan, and in the united states millions of people gathered to catch a glimpse of a rare celestial event. welcome to nhk world "newsline." an annular solar eclipse only comes around once in a lifetime depending where you live. that's why people from the united states to china to japan stopped hours ago to stare at the sky. they used telescopes, protective glasses or pinhole cameras to see the moon pass in front of the sun and create a ring of fire. these are images of the eclipse sped up 260 times. it lasted from a few seconds to a few minutes depending on where viewers were. an annular solar eclipse occurs when the sun, moon, and earth are in perfect alignment. the moon appears smaller than the sun so a bright ring forms around the moon. here's the path of the eclipse across the pacific ocean. millions of people around the world caught the view. people also saw a rare phenomenon called baily's beads. the surface of the moon has mountains and valleys. when the sun back lit the moon forms like sparkling beads dotted the ring's edge. many commuters in tokyo caught
by the united nations, three months after the september 11th attacks in 2001. united states was already involved in a full-scale offensive against the taliban whom they accused of harboring osama bin laden. isaf is composed of 130,000 troops from 50 countries. 90,000 of them are from the united states. their mission has been to stabilize the situation in afghanistan and to help the government of president hamid karzai reconstruct the country. they have also been in charge of training afghan security forces. over the past decade, some 3,000 coalition troops have been killed while fighting the taliban and other insurgents. the cost of maintaining troops in afghanistan has become a heavy burden on nations providing support. in 2010, the afghan government signed an agreement to take over security operations from coalition forces by the end of 2014. but some countries are already seeking an early exit. in france, recently elected president francois hollande promised during his election campaign that he will bring all french troops home by the end of this year. australian prime minister julia gillard
to apply to study in the united states. >> a week ago, the 40-year-old estate house arrest fleeing to the u.s. embassy in beijing. he was sent to a chinese hospital for treatment, which is when the activist made a dramatic call took a u.s. congressional hearing, asking for asylum, fearing for his and his family's life. >> though under heavy guard, he has been communicating with the outside world. he made an emotional call for freedom from his hospital in beijing. sadly, it seemed as if the diplomatic logjam between the u.s. and china might be breaking -- suddenly, it seemed as if the logjam might be breaking. >> i'm pleased that today, our ambassador has spoken with him again. our embassy staff and our doctor had a chance to meet with him, and he confirms that he and his family now want to go to the united states so he can pursue his studies. >> the plan gives china a way to save face and avoids the sticky issue of granting chen asylum. china's foreign ministry has played down the up side. >> chen has the same rights as other citizens and they applied to study abroad and go through relevant
.m. in tokyo, i'm catherine kobayashi. the leaders of japan and the united states are trying to show solidarity in the face of common challenges and common threats. prime minister yoshihiko noda and president barack obama met in washington and emphasized the importance of their country's decades-old alliance on maint n maintaining security in the asia pacific region. the leaders issued a joint statement monday following their talks. they titled it "a shared vision for the future." the document says the japan/u.s. alliance is peace, security and stability in the region. >> translator: the asia pacific region is at the center of the world's development, but at the same time, there are so unstable factors such as fears over north korea and the buildup of armaments over maritime disputes. we will realize the realignment of u.s. forces to strengthen the security of the region. >> obama calls the asia-pacific region strategically important and stresses the u.s. military presence there will be geographically distributed and operationally resilient. >> the u.s./japan alliance will remain the foundatio
pack sustain and the united states. the foreign minister spoke about the sore spot. she says she supports a court decision to imprison a pakistani doctor who helped american intelligence authorities track down al qaeda leader osama bin laden. >> you have to respect the law of every country. and you have to respect our expectations of each other and realistic expectations and i think the expectation for any one country to go against the laws is not a realistic or healthy expectation. >> pakistani courts sentenced shakil afridi wednesday to 33 years in prison for treason. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton denounced the ruling as unjust. she says the obama administration will continue to pursue the issue with pakistani authorities. u.s./pakistan relations worsened after american special forces raided a compound near islamabad last may and killed bin laden. they took another hit after u.s. helicopters killed 24 pakistani soldiers last november. pakistan's government retaliated by closing supply routes for nato forces in afghanistan. foreign minister khar says u.s. authorities s
chen guangcheng is appealing for asylum in the united states. >> he spent almost a week in the u.s. embassy in beijing before emerging on wednesday. he says he fears for the safety of himself and his family. >> american officials are continuing talks with both chen and beijing, but the chinese government wants an apology over the u.s. and its handling of the case. >> supporters to question how washington turned him back over to the authorities in china. >> chen guangcheng is now in this beijing hospital where he was brought by u.s. officials. in a phone interview with the reuters news agency, he said he now wants to leave china as soon as possible. he says he fears for his safety and that while he was planning to stay in china, he has now changed his mind. he says his family are with him and that they also want to get out of the country. the affair has overshadowed a visit to china by u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton. in a speech before the country's leaders, she said beijing must protect human rights. >> because we believe that all governments do have to answer to citizen
attention from the united states as a possible way of adding pressure on iran. we have a report from islamabad. >> reporter: this involves construction of an 1,800-long kilometer pipeline to supply natural gas from turkmenistan to afghanistan, pakistan, and india. turkmenistan has some of the world's largest reserves of natural gas. u.s. firms initially drew up similar plans in the 1990s. asian development bank joined in 2002 with a feasibility study. but the project among the deteriorating situation in afghanistan. they met in turkmenistan on wednesday and agreed to quickly proceed with the plan. the agreement is due to last for 30 years, and cause higher prices for the gas. the agreement is likely to attract the attention of the united states. pakistan is building another pipeline to receive gas from iran. the u.s. is trying to isolate iran because of concerns about its nuclear program. a pipeline from turkmenistan could become a way to bring pressure to iran. security concerns on the project remain because the situation in afghanistan is still unstable. pakistan is suffering from
the united states and afghanistan that defines a new kind of relationship between our countries. a future in which afghans are responsible for the security of their nation. and we build an equal partnership between two sovereign states. >> president obama and hamid karzai signed an agreement that cements the u.s. commitment to afghanistan after combat troops are scheduled to leave in 2014. it's expected to remain in effect until 2024. the deal allows u.s. forces to train afghan soldiers and engage in sweep operations against al qaeda. >> our goal is to destroy al qaeda, and we are on a path to do exactly that. >> this was obama's first visit to afghanistan since december 2010 and the third since he took office. >>> the taliban have claimed responsibility for an attack in kabul just hours after obama left the country. they killed at least seven people. a taliban spokesperson says they carried out their assault to protest obama's visit. the insurgents struck early in the morning at a fortified compound that houses thousands of foreigners. a suicide bomber drove a car filled with explosives
was read as far as major indices go. the dax and euro stocks 50 lost 50%. over to the united states, where the dow is also down, not as far, but down by 1.3%. the euro also trading in negative territory for $1.2375. in a minute, we will look at how the italians are coping with their second deadly earthquake in just a few weeks. >> that is right, but first, a look at other stories making news around the world. in britain, prime minister david cameron's former communications chief has been detained on suspicion of committing perjury. he told the court in 2010 he had no knowledge of illegal activities by reporters while he was tabloid editor. he has now been arrested in connection with the old hacking allegations. >> in the u.s., mitt romney has pledged the republican presidential nomination with a big win in the texas primary. a former massachusetts governor secured the votes of the necessary 1144 delegates. he is said to be officially anointed at the republican national convention in august. >> the burmese opposition leader has been given a rafters reception from thousands of burmese migran
. this is the president of world uyger congress and now lives i the united states. she arrived at the airport sunday and was greeted by supporters. she will join about 130 exiled uygers from 20 countries attending a four day assembly. they will discuss how to support ethnic uygers in china. it is the first time to hold this meeting in tokyo. upon arrival, she told nhk that the organization will urge the chinese government to stop its oppression against ethnic uygers. she said the exiled uygers want to promote a nonviolent movement so they can be heard around the world. >>> the president of greece has failed in his latest attempts to mediate talks in a last minute effort to form a coalition government. talks will continue monday. he invited heads of the three main parties that won the most seats in sunday's election. the first place new democracy party and third place party were coalition partners before the election and implemented austerity measures. they say they're willing to team up again. the leader of the second place radical left coalition refuses to join or support any coalition government.
minister. >>> the air forces of south korea and the united states have begun their largest ever joint drill. the exercise is likely aimed at putting pressure on north korea. the annual drill called max thunder began on monday, west of the korean peninsula and will run through may 18th. south korea and the united states hold drills twice a year to prepare for possible air battles with north korea or attacks on military bases. a south korean defense ministry spokesperson says the exercise involves more than 60 aircraft including fighter jets, surveillance planes with early warning systems are also involved. south korea says it has deployed cruise missiles that can strike any part of the north, just after north korea's failed attempt to launch a long range missile last month. the north claims it was a rocket carrying a satellite. >>> in the off season, japanese born baseball star yu darvish moved to the major league team the texas rangers. baseball fans in japan and the u.s. have been watching his exploits. but they're not the only ones because darvish's father is from iran. he also has a smal
a nuclear device. others view it as a warning to the united states. so it's a little difficult to know. it's a mixed message. >> davies urged north korean leaders to commit to fulfilling the promises they have made in the past. >>> talks on iran's nuclear program have entered a second day after rejecting proposals by six countries to halt its uranium enrichment. negotiators from iran, the united states and other countries started their second day of talks in baghdad. the countries urged iran to stop producing highly enriched uranium as the material could be used for nuclear weapons. in return, the countries proposed easing sanctions against iran, including an embargo on u.s. aircraft parts. in response, iran presented a package of five proposals and demanded the right to the peaceful use of nuclear energy. the talks resumed in april after a 15-month break. the negotiators are trying to reach an agreement that would allow the discussions to continue. western diplomatic sources say breaking off the dialogue is not an option. >>> aung san suu kyi will make her first trip abroad in 24 years ne
the capital. experts suspect the site is being used for nuclear experiments. the united states and european union are poised to implement an oil embargo against iran in late june and july. iranian officials will meet delegates from the u.s. and europe in baghdad on wednesday. iran is hoping to persuade the western powers to ease the sanctions. an agreement with the iaea could give iran leverage in those talks. >>> senior diplomats from japan, south korea, and the united states met in seoul to talk about how to deal with a common threat. they agreed to take concerted action against north korea if the reclusive nation tests another nuclear weapon. the diplomats are chief delegates to the six party talks on the north's nuclear program. it's the first time the group met since north korean authorities failed last month to launch what they called a satellite carrying rocket. >> if the dplk goes for further escalation, we are to take unified and coordinated actions and responses. >> we're united in our resolve to respond, not just the three allies but russia and china as well. >> u.s. delegate gly
. the foreign secretary of the philippines stressed his country's strong military ties with the united states. >> we have a strategic partnership. we have a treaty alliance, the only one that we have. and the foundation of our relationship is very solid. >> not all filipinos welcomed the presence of the u.s. nuclear submarine. according to local media, some protested that it would antagonize relations between the philippines and china. chinese marine survey ships have been engaged in a standoff with philippine navy vessels for more than one month at the nearby scarborough shoal in the south china sea. that confrontation shows no sign of being resolved anytime soon. that's going to wrap up our bulletin. i'm patchari raksawong in bangkok. >>> personal belongings swept out to sea by last year's tsunami are now appearing on north america's west coast. one recent item in the news was a motorcycle that washed up on to a beach on an island in the canadian province of british columbia. local communities are concerned about the massive amount of debris that is believed to be heading towards their shor
has become the first sitting president in the united states to come out and give its backing to legalizing gay marriage. his remarks were in a televised -- televised interview on a u.s. television statement. public opinion is tending towards support for same-sex unions, with a gallup poll in the states showing 50% of people favoring them and 48% rejecting the. >> this issue is set to become a hot-button issue and an extremely divisive one in november's election to the obama pose a republican challenger mitt romney has reaffirmed his stand that marriage should only be between a man and woman and that gay marriage undermines the family and society. >> the most beautiful day of one's life. but for same-sex couples in many u.s. states, there can be no marriages of it. 28 states have banned same-sex marriage, so for gays and lesbians, the president's words were a hardening boost. >> for me personally, it is important for me to go ahead and of firm -- affirm pet i think same-sex couples should be able to get married. >> no president ever with this far on the gay marriage issue. oba
, and the united states, to try and understand why his islands had to make such a great sacrifice. during his tenure as governor, the okinawan people's -- in 1996, after a series of negotiations with the pentagon and tokyo oda won a concession. including the notorious futenma marine air station. however, after the governor retired from the politics, the base issue became deadlocked over where to relocate it. >> people question so strongly that that the okinawa military bases should be cut down, in mainland japan. so nowadays, anger toward the central government. local people feel that they are betrayed by the current center of government after 40 years. >> reporter: anything have changed about the issue of the bases? >> nothing has changed at all. even worse. >> reporter: ohta survived the battle of okinawa as a child soldier. he says the sacrifice of a third of the islanders made him determined to eliminate military bases from his homeland. >> i'm afraid unless the people understand the local people, during the battle of okinawa, they cannot understand why local people are strongly opposed t
. late trading data derived from the united states, from the labor market there, which finally rushed european shares, the dax including, down words. >> let's take a look in numbers in more detail. the dax ended at 6110, down. the euro stoxx 50 also down. the dow jones is also lower, 13,241. the eurobank losing ground against the dollar. $1.3155. >> and other top german politician is in the spotlight after allegations of plagiarism. a university is investigating anonymous claims that the education minister did not properly sourced parts of the doctor. >> a spokesman for the university says they have asked a committee to review the thesis. she has called for those behind the allegations, which were posted on an internet blog but, to come forward. time for some german soccer news. dortmund's striker is set to leave the bundesliga champions at the end of the season for china. >> the national player has signed a four-year contract with the team. since 2010, he scored 39 goals. an injury early this season put him on the sidelines. >> berlin is packed with space experts from around the worl
is a half day ahead of the united states. that means lucas film can work 24 hours a day from its base in san francisco. 500 people now work at the singapore studio. 200 more will be hired over the next two years. >> singapore offers very good infrastructure, it intellectual property is protected, which is very important for us, and also we got very good support from the government to develop the entertainment business over the long term. >> reporter: next year, lucas film plans to open a new studio in the same multimedia industrial zone as the government funded mediapolis, now under construction. the singapore government will build state of the art facilities on the 19 acre site, including a special effects studio and a digital media lab. the aim is to bring together producers with tv and other multimedia firms. established media giants are not the only targets. here, a government official welcomes the head of a japanese venture firm who came to seek advice. the singapore government even has an investment fund to support new content producers. >> translator: they have a variety of plans like
are in the united states looking for help. they've asked a key member of congress for further cooperation in resolving the issue. members of the association of families of victims kidnapped by north korea met ileana ros-lehtinen in washington, the chairperson of the foreign affairs committee of the house of representatives. the group says it told the republican lawmaker about an american man who was allegedly kidnapped by north korea. the man went missing in china's yunnan province in 2004. ros-lehtinen reportedly expressed strong interest in the case and said she will discuss the matter in congress and with the state department. she also said she wants to tackle the abductions of japanese nationals and suggested that imposing more sanctions on north korea may be important in resolving the issue. >> translator: i want americans to see that the abduction issue matters to them as much as it does to people in japan, and that the two countries should jointly work to resolve the problem. >>> economic growth in southeast asia has led to booming demand for high rise buildings. japanese construct
on the united states and israel, but there is no hard evidence yet. experts said the programming is so good, it may be impossible to determine its source. >> all right, time now for our latest euro 2012 team check ahead of the soccer championship. >> we're looking at denmark. group d, a tough group that also features the netherlands, germany, portugal. some are already calling it the group of death. >> most analysts reckon denmark's chances of making it through to the knockout phase are pretty slim. ♪ ? 's side practicing -- denmark opposes at practicing in the country's east coast of using a local club's. if the players are nervous, they're not showing it. it is a casual atmosphere. >> i think that has to do with the fact that we are a small country. everything is a little more relaxed here. for example, the interaction between players and fans, it is the danish mentality. >> the practice sessions are a hit with local residents. >> this is a small stadium. you can just walk in and see the national team. it is great. >> we are having a cozy little picnic. >> of denmark became european cha
just heard in that report, the golden gate bridge is one of the most photographed objects in the united states. i was in california. everyone was talking about the golden gate bridge. >> if you imagine how impressive it must have been at that time. i was there and i was not that impressed, but at that time. >> we have more coming up. >> yes? >> we will look at changes in the german national team's soccer lineup. >> and all the drama you want to know about, after the break. >> don't go away. we will be here. >> welcome back. but 11 days ago, joachim loew has announced his team for the championships. >> those cut include julian draxler, sven bender, cacau, and marc-andre ter stegen. they have all been sent home from the german training camp. and the german team is not the only one making last-minute adjustments ahead up 2012. italy suspended its defender. >> in early morning raids on monday, police searched teams based near florence. >> police carried out dawn raids throughout the country. at the national team's training camp, they searched the room, seen on the right, and warned the play
market figures. >>> businesses in the united states are racing to stake their claim in space. the company space x is leading the pack. its engineers set the first private cargo craft to the international space station. the dragon as it is called docked last friday to deliver food and other supplies. >> this really is, i think, going to be recognized as a significantly historical step forward in space travels. >> one, zero. >> the dragon's docking is a major boost for u.s. government leaders. their current policy relies on the private sector to develop spacecraft following the end of nasa's shuttle program. >>> let's take a look now at how the folks at space x got to this point and how other companies are positioning themselves in this space race. nhk world has the story. >> reporter: the dragon spacecraft was developed by a venture firm space x. the company entered the space business just ten years ago. now it has a contract with the u.s. space agency nasa to deliver cargo to the iss. space x first hit the headlines in 2010 when it became the first private company to successfully launch a
: carriers have become major carriers especially in europe and the united states. their share has grown from 8% in 2001 to 26% in just ten years. ryanair has the largest share of international passengers. now let's turn the globe. asia pacific aviation says there are currently 51 low-cost carriers across asia. riding the tailwind of peach aviation, two japanese budget airlines will answer the market later this year. they're joined this year by no-frills airline from the philippines and singapore. china's state-run airline is also planning to launch a low-cost carrier. one expert said local carriers have a bright future in this region. >> translator: budget airlines are likely to expand quickly in asia and latin america, carried along by the economic growth in these regions. >> analysts say demand for budget flights is growing but so is competition among the carriers. for more on the success for japan's newcomers and current business climate, here's nhk world's mitsuko nishikawa. >> local carriers are now operating out of china, south korea, singapore, and elsewhere. so japanese airliners wer
and western parts of the united states. that is it for us for now. do not forget you can find more on our web site -- www.dw.de. >> see you soon. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org--
is confident authorities will let him leave the country and travel to the united states. the human rights activists calls the major -- caused a major diplomatic dispute last month by escaping house arrest and fleeing to beijing. >> and tornadoes have caused severe damage in eastern japan. one person was killed and nearly 50 injured when the twister cut in half -- at a path through two provinces. the storm knocked out power for tens of thousands of people and damaged nearly a thousand buildings. >> india has delayed the introduction of controversial plans to crack down on tax evasion, that after criticism by foreign investors. those plans included provisions to retroactively apply a tax on mergers and acquisitions and going back a half a century. a number of multinational companies warned that it would leave india if the legislation was adopted. the rules were drawn up to prevent annise from avoiding capital gains tax by rerouting investments through tax havens. >> welcome the indian government has also moved to lower the amount of money it pays out in assistance to the port. it has done s
's ambassador to the united nations wants member states to do a better job at following the rules. >> translator: all u.n. members are bound by u.n. resolutions. everyone is obliged to abide by and implement them. >> tsuneo nishida announced a meeting late this month to help developing nations comply with the trade embargo against north korea. >>> north korea officials are facing finger pointing on another issue. they are accused of jamming navigation systems and disrupting civilian lights in south korea. they deny the allegations. south korean authorities say experts in the north have jammed gps signals between late april and mid-may. they say the actions disrupted flights at the airports of incheon and gimpo. as well as ships in the yellow sea. a spokesperson at north korea's telecommunications ministry issued a denial calling the allegations an attempt to fabricate charges against the north. the telecommunications ministry cited the sinking of a south korean vessel in march 2010 as another example of fabrication. an international investigation blamed the north korean military for the incident
-fire. >> the united nations mission is in syria. it was to speed things up but needs member states to provide manpower. >> so far, just a couple dozen u.n. observers have been monitoring the state of the truce between syrian government forces and rebels. a senior u.n. official said tuesday that he is confident the full 300-member contingent will be deployed by the end of may. >> so that, of course, we rely on member countries to supply us with human personnel that are being deployed on the ground. and of course, we need to be given visas by the syrian authorities. >> with so few observers currently on the ground, there is still much scope for both sides to violate the truce terms. this unverified internet video claims to show a funeral march for victims of an army bombardments early tuesday. 9 of the 10 victims were said to be from the same family. in homs, the heart of the uprising against president assad's regime, life remains a daily struggle for civilians. opposition militants still control parts of palms -- homs. residents say even there they are at the mercy of government sniper fire. >> to the
. the u.n. warns this sending the nation into civil war. the german president has a symbolic state visit to israel and palestinian territories. and should governments in europe be allowed to keep records on mobile phone and internet use? ♪ >> a warning today to syria's richet from the united nations. you are pushing your country towards a civil war it will never recover from. >> ban ki-moon talking about the bloodshed that continues despite an official ceasefire in the presence of u.n. observers. >> more reports of troops once again shelling the region of houla, the site of last week's massacre. >> and more violence in homs, one of the major flash points of the conflict. >> their houses are destroyed, and even as the people here tried to flee the destruction, new explosions can be heard. this is homs. fighting is raging across syria, like here in this internet footage from houla. few here have faith that damascus will implement the peace plan from kofi annan. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton rebukes moscow for propping up the regime when a political transition is what is needed.
family, hoping to move to the united states, because he says humiditiy human rights are not guaranteed in china. china. chen spoke with nhk by phone thursday afternoon from the beijing hospital to which he had been moved on to wednesday. >> chen said the authorities have set up new surveillance cameras at his home in the shendong province where his mother still lives. the american official who negotiated with china spoke to a radio station. assistant secretary of state for east asian and pacific affairs, kurt campbell, said the important thing was whether chen would be able to live a normal life in china. campbell said during his talks with chen, the activist never said a word about asylum or a visit to the united states. a foreign ministry spokesperson says china condemns the way the u.s. embassy accepted chen. >> translator: i'm strongly dissatisfied with what america has done. they took an irregular way of dealing with chen and their interference in china's domestic affairs is unacceptable. >> chen entered the u.s. embassy last thursday after escaping from shandong province where he
to the united states with his family, forcing the two governments to resume negotiations over his fate. chen earlier asked for a meeting with u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton. testifying by telephone before a u.s. congressional commission, he said he no longer feels safe in china and wants to leave for the united states. >> the activist said he wants to meet clinton, who is visiting beijing, to seek further support and to thank her face to face. >> your case is the test, the test of the chinese commitment to protect you, which they've given. we're very dubious about those assurances. >> the commission chairman said the u.s. congress will take up the issue adding that the american commitment to the human rights is being put to the test. >>> japan's new fleet of fighter jets is expect to be twice more expensive than initial estimates. the cost is at $10 billion. japan plans to acquire 42 units of the f-35, a jet that has been developed by the united states and other countries. japan earmarked funds to purchase four units this fiscal year on the assumption that each aircraft would cost a
of that were no longer counted as unemployed. in terms of outlook for employment in the united states i think we'll continue to see job growth but it's probably going to be only moderate job growth. if you look at the results we've had over the past several months, it is not altogether that strong. we are seeing just moderate increases in jobs. i don't see anything on the horizon that will change that meaningfully. i would suspect that over the next several months we'll probably average about 150,000 in new job growth. that might be good in some situations, but in the early stages of an expansion like we're in now, we should be seeing much stronger job growth. >> that was michael moran, chief economist at daiwa securities america. >>> japan's finance minister has promised nearly $2 billion to a regional fund that helps poor countries. >> translator: japan is in a severe economic financial situation after last year's natural disaster. but we wanted to help reduce poverty in asia. >> the fund is run by an asian development bank. it gives low-interest loans to poor nations to help them develop t
will soon be gathering in the united states expected to discuss ways to attack the european credit crisis and stabilize the world economy. the leaders will spend the weekend at the camp david presidential retreat near washington. issues on the table will likely include how to tackle the credit crisis in europe. observers expect the leaders to discuss the impact of the political turmoil in greece and how to stabilize the global economy. the leaders will also likely discuss the syrian government's violence against citizens. they're expected to exchange views on the work of u.n. cease-fire monitors and humanitarian aid for refugees. the leaders are also likely to discuss north korea and they're expected to urge north korean leaders not to conduct another nuclear test. >>> facebook had its first day as a public company on friday. its shares opened higher on the nasdaq exchange but ended the day just a little over the initial public offering price. facebook shares rose to $42. 11% higher than the initial price of $38. this level brought the firm's total valuation to $115 billion which is even
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